Dentists Seeking Dentists Facebook Group Guidelines

Paul and I are going to try our best to keep the “Dentists Seeking Dentist” group organized in a way that allows the opportunities to be archived and available for review on a static website as well as within the timeline of the group. To do this, we are asking that all job or partnership opportunities be listed on and then shared on the group with a link to the Practice Rail job listing as opposed to just a plain text comment on the group’s timeline.


For the purpose of this group, there are two ways to list on Practice Rail where one is free and the other is not. 


To create a free listing follow the steps linked below and select the “starter” plan which is free. This plan renews monthly so you’ll get an email notification from Practice Rail once per until the free subscription is cancelled. When you’ve filled the position, simply cancel the subscription within your Practice Rail dashboard and the emails will stop.


After you submit your listings, Paul or myself will review the listing and approve it. Once approved, you will be sent an email to review the listing. You can then share the listing within this Facebook group using the link provided.


Directions to setup a free listing can be found here:


The alternative to the free listing is the advertised listing which costs $99. The advertised listing takes advantage of all of several Facebook groups and Paul Goodman posts the opportunity himself on Dental Nachos which alerts the majority of the group’s members. When group members post on Facebook groups, the majority of the members do not receive a “notification” unless they are “friends” with the poster; the workaround to this notification system is to have the group admin post the notification to maximize the post’s reach. 

You can learn more about an advertised listing here:


For questions, please contact us here: