Author Name

Brian Hanks

Book Description

If you're thinking about buying a dental practice, you must read this book. Thousands of dentists go through the process of buying a dental practice every year.

Did they choose a good practice?

Did they buy at the right price?

Did they buy at the right time?

The stakes are high to get the RIGHT answers to those questions. Buy the wrong practice and you're looking at stress, money worries, angry staff and patients, and a frustrated family that doesn't see you as much as they'd like.

Buy the right practice, like many do, and you have the foundation upon which to thrive - happy, relaxed, wealthy and positively impacting the lives of patients and living the life of your dreams.

Unfortunately, the process of how to buy a dental practice remains a black box for the majority of buyers. Advice, tips and information are spread across magazines, blogs, online forums and podcasts with no easy way to tell the good advice from the bad.

Until now.

How to Buy a Dental Practice walks buyers step-by-step through the process of finding, analyzing, and purchasing a great dental practice. In this book you'll find answers to questions like:
- How do I find a good practice?
- How do I choose a good accountant and attorney?
- How can I tell a good practice from a bad one?
- When is the right time to sign a letter of intent?
- What can I negotiate besides price?
- How do I get a bank loan?
- What do I do after I find a practice to buy?

After reading this book, you will be armed with the specific knowledge and checklists to find, analyze and purchase the right practice for you.